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How to welcome the arrival of the "low-carbon economy era" in the sunshade industry
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-08-25 | 92 Views | Share:

Climate change is a major issue related to human survival and development in the long term. Developing clean energy, reducing carbon emissions, and building sustainable low-carbon cities have become challenges faced by countries around the world. From the above list, it is not difficult to see that since 2000, China has invested a lot of efforts in promoting the development of building energy conservation. Against this background, enterprises in the field of building energy conservation have welcomed good development opportunities. Building shading technology is an indispensable key technology in building energy conservation and emission reduction technology, occupying an increasingly important position in building systems characterized by low carbon emissions. The technology of building shading net is beneficial for improving the comfort of people's living and working, and has a significant energy-saving effect. In developed countries, especially European cities, building shading technology is widely valued and accepted. Almost every household installs various external shading facilities according to different needs, and external shading technology has become an indispensable part of architecture.

From the current development situation of the sunshade industry, with the deepening of building energy-saving work and the improvement of people's energy-saving awareness in China, energy-saving doors, windows, and curtain walls have received widespread attention, and the sunshade field is gradually undergoing qualitative changes. On the one hand, the government attaches great importance to and promotes the Chinese sunshade industry, and has successively carried out a series of work such as the preparation of industry standards and the promotion of sunshade technology. On the other hand, the recognition of building shading in the Chinese design field has improved, and domestic and foreign designers have effectively integrated the concept of shading design.

However, the Chinese sunshade industry has not yet achieved effective integration with the current favorable environment, and the development of the industry is still relatively slow. So with the continuous development of China's building energy conservation industry and the arrival of the low-carbon economy era, can shading share the development opportunities of China's building energy conservation industry and integrate into it? How can China's sunshade industry align with international standards, with a broad perspective and a broad selection, and a thick accumulation and thin development? And how should we Chinese sunshade enterprises seize the opportunity to adjust ourselves and achieve leapfrog development?

With these questions in mind, the author interviewed multiple industry veterans and reached the following views on the current development and future of China's sunshade industry:

From valuing concepts to improving supervision in the government sector

From 2007 to 2009, relevant government departments successively formulated and approved 19 shading industry standards. Local governments in Jiangsu Province, Chongqing City, and other areas have taken the lead in carrying out sunshade popularization work, introducing relevant mandatory policies, and actively building favorable bridges between government departments, scientific research institutions, design fields, investors, and end consumers, arousing interest from all sectors of society in applying and popularizing sunshade.

Especially in the second half of 2009, accompanied by the review meeting of the building shading industry standards held by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development; The convening of the Wuxi Construction Bureau Building External Sunshade Technology Seminar; The Jiangsu Provincial Building Energy Conservation Association External Shading and Energy Saving Window Professional Committee was established; The Standing Committee for the Election of the Architectural Sunshade Professional Committee of the Shanghai Decoration and Decoration Industry Association was held, and the government's promotion work has made new progress. However, compared to foreign countries, the promotion of Chinese policies is not yet in place. Based on the analysis of the global sunshade industry, Germany's sunshade industry has developed the best, and the sunshade concept has penetrated into the consumption concept. Every year, Germany's sunshade product usage accounts for the first place in the world. This is mainly due to the German government's emphasis on strengthening the driving force in the field of sunshade. The government not only regulates the formulation of industry standards, but also attaches importance to the process of policy use. Our country still needs to further improve the process of using policies, and we can learn from the methods and methods of foreign implementation. We cannot just rush through a red headed document.

In 2007, China Sunshade Network analyzed the issue of whether the overall industry can keep up with the demand for building energy efficiency, revealing the drawbacks of industry development: low entry barriers for enterprises, lack of qualification certification for employees, and lack of industry and national standards for products or projects. However, after nearly two years of government efforts, the introduction of industry standards, preparation for enterprise qualification evaluation, and future training of relevant technical personnel are sufficient evidence that China's shading industry is continuously meeting the needs of building energy efficiency.