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Types of shading nets
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2023-08-25 | 197 Views | Share:

There are several types of shading nets and their coverage, including black, white, silver, and gray. According to the coverage form, they can be divided into inside and outside the greenhouse. The coverage inside and outside the greenhouse can be divided into three types: single net coverage, net film coverage, and coverage around the outside of the greenhouse. Single mesh coverage is the use of a greenhouse frame as a support for covering, and the combination of mesh film coverage has a good effect on avoiding rain. The coverage around the greenhouse is generally used for insulation in early spring and at night. In recent years, the northern region has combined shading nets with greenhouses, which has played a good role in the seedling and cultivation of vegetables in summer and early autumn in greenhouses. Sunshade net is a plastic net made from polyolefin as the main raw material and woven by wire drawing. It is another important new covering material after agricultural film, and the cultivation of sunshade net covering is developing rapidly in the south.

The function and benefits of sunshade nets include strong shading, high temperature reduction, and significant cooling effects. Anti storm rain and anti hail reduce evaporation, moisture conservation and drought prevention, heat preservation, cold prevention and frost prevention According to the experiment, the night coverage of sunshade net in winter and spring can raise the temperature compared with the open field, and the silver gray sunshade net can be used to avoid pests and diseases.